When a Phillips Is Not a Phillips!

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Camout (or cam-out) is a course of by which a screwdriver slips out of the top of a screw being pushed as soon as the torque required to show the screw exceeds a specific amount. Frequently, camout damages the screw, and probably additionally the screwdriver, and may usually be prevented. However, the Phillips head screw and screwdriver mixture was designed particularly to cam out, as on the time of its invention torque sensing automated screwdrivers didn’t exist.

Phillips is a trademark used for a screw with a head having two intersecting perpendicular slots and for a screwdriver with a tip formed to suit into these slots.

Recess refers back to the formed socket into which a driver may be inserted

End-Load is the power required to maintain the bit to not camout. Low end-load is often most fascinating.


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