What to Do When You

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They’ll shoot you with Lidocaine in your thumb. These needle pokes will harm greater than the flap of your thumb does. It’s okay, it would go numb in a second. 
You can attempt to watch the physician sew your thumb, however they will inform you it is best in case you do not look. The physician might even go as far as to dam your subject of view together with his/her arm. Pictures are usually not allowed at this level. It’s alright to be unhappy about this. 

The physician might say, “Sweetie, do not get your hopes up. Your thumb tip might not take.”
Listen fastidiously as she explains after care to you, and explains that it might flip gray and flake off. It’s okay if this occurs, it would almost develop again. Your thumb print will try to regenerate, nevertheless it could be a little bit wonky. 

Smile as you silently examine your wonderful thumb to a starfish. 

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