What Can You Do With an Old TV?

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This is normally straightforward and simple. Use some screwdrivers to undo all screws and bolts. You can shred the case of the TV with the hammer and/or an influence drill in case you’re impatient or feeling harmful, however watch out to not harm something. After that’s finished, crack open (with the flathead screwdrivers) all of the joints. You could should insert wedges or screwdrivers somewhere else to maintain it open vast sufficient so that each one the clips unlock (see image). There could also be different obstacles that simply want a little bit of thought.

Once you take away the shell you will see that a PCB, a big glass, funnel-shaped display screen with coils of wire surrounding the highest. You may even discover a loudspeaker someplace as properly, and minimize it off. Cut all wires that hold the factor collectively, after which lay every little thing on the bottom. At some stage you’ll encounter a considerable amount of insulated wire wrapped in tape. Remove the tape and coil it round one thing. A good suggestion is to connect a big reel to an influence drill, safe one finish and you recognize, activate the drill. The PCB could also be screwed or slotted into the case. Remove it and put it down as properly. Try to take off the inductors behind the display screen. There is normally one other PCB connected to it. Detach that as properly. If I’ve missed one thing, please inform me in a remark and I’ll add it.

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