Water Balloon Catapult

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Fill up some water balloons. Then, tie the ends of the tubing (they need to each be on the identical aspect) to a tree, pole, or the rest that’s secured to the bottom. You might even have a pal maintain the ends. Next, have a pal maintain the opposite aspect of the catapult, you probably have a sturdy object shut by, then you may connect it to that. Otherwise, the pal will do advantageous.

Next, set the balloon within the pocket and pull again on the handles of the pocket. Pull again so far as you may and let go! The balloon ought to fly fairly far. For finest outcomes, shoot the balloon at a 45 diploma angle. If carried out proper, the balloon should not break and may fly fairly far.

For a greater pocket, you may sew the entire seams with a heavy-duty zig-zag sample. That will maintain higher and be extra waterproof than duct tape, however the duct tape is far simpler and faster.

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