Wanhao I3 Plus Bed Auto Leveling W/ Inductive Sensor

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Shopping List:

· LJ12A3-Four-Z/BX Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPN DC6-36V

· Inductive printing floor

– – – Black Wanhao buildtak mat on steel mattress

– – – 3mm (or thinner) glass immediately on steel mattress

– – – 3mm (or thinner) glass with aluminum foil squares glued on underside at sensing factors. Start with a full foil underside floor till you recognize the place the sensing factors are. Then reduce down the foil into smaller squares and glue.

· Two 1/4W resistors (Pick one of many these pairs. They’ll all work.)

– – – 390Ok and 100Ok

– – – 39Ok and 10Ok

– – – three.9K and 1k

· (2 items) 6in of insulated braided wire

· Heat shrink tubing Four/5 AWG

· Solder, soldering iron, ect

· Misc. wire reducing instruments

· Electrical tape

· 40PCS Dupont 10 CM Male to Female Jumper Wire Ribbon Cable

· 3D printed mount for sensor https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1924458


1. Print and fix a sensor mount to your printer.

2. Solder collectively a voltage divider and connector plugs to the sensor. Don’t take shortcuts! You’re coping with excessive voltage. Heat shrink then tape all the things up. See diagram and photographs.

– a. 5V out is a feminine dupont

– b. Gnd from voltage divider is feminine dupont

– c. Blue Gnd wire is male dupont

– d. Brown 24V Input wire is male dupont

three. Solder collectively your braided wire and connectors for energy

– a. V+ 24V from energy provide is feminine dupont

– b. V- Gnd from energy provide is feminine dupont

Four. Turn off your printer.

** Update the firmware in your printer earlier than connecting the sensor wires.**

5. Flip over your printer and screw down braided ends of energy wires to V+ 24V and V- Gnd. Draw out the opposite ends by the printer’s aspect opening.

6. Mount your sensor’s blue finish so it’s about 1mm above the tip of the hotend. Tighten the screws firmly. Train the wire up by the clip within the prime of the bottom and down the aspect of your printer. Give sufficient cable slack so it’s not pulling on the sensor at any hotend place.

7. Remove the z-stop button and mount out of your printer.

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