Too Much Weed Can Cause Nausea and Vomiting

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Weed is known for its skill to alleviate nausea, however it may have the other impact in individuals who smoke plenty of it. The little-known situation, known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), includes bouts of utmost nausea, vomiting, and abdomen ache, and could be briefly relieved by a scorching bathe.

The situation has solely been identified to scientists for a number of years, and it’s nonetheless uncommon. But it’s additionally exhausting to diagnose: many docs don’t find out about it, and plenty of hashish customers discover it exhausting to consider that one thing they’ve been utilizing for years might all of a sudden trigger issues.

A recent study discovered that CHS could also be extra widespread than we realized. Researchers gave a questionnaire to individuals who had been at a New York City emergency room for different causes, and not at the moment experiencing nausea. (Many medical situations could cause nausea, so that they wished to rule out the chance that folks had been affected by one thing else. If you may have CHS, it tends to return and go.)

Of 155 sufferers who stuffed out the survey and who used hashish at the least 20 days per thirty days, 33 p.c stated that they discover scorching showers to be an efficient strategy to relieve nausea. If these numbers grow to be consultant of hashish customers on the whole, which means a number of million individuals within the US would possibly expertise CHS, and possibly most of them don’t know.

We don’t know precisely what causes CHS, or why scorching showers assist. Our digestive system accommodates receptors for endocannabinoids, our physique’s pure chemical substances that hashish mimics. Meanwhile, a area of the mind that controls physique temperature, the hypothalamus, additionally has cannabinoid receptors—so there could also be a connection between that mind space and the new bathe reduction.

If you suppose you may have CHS, get checked out—your nausea could find yourself being attributable to one thing else. But if it truly is the hashish that’s at fault, the one identified treatment is to cease utilizing it. You can learn more about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome here.

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