Tiny Crystals Might Be Key In Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

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Thousands of Filipinos evacuated the realm across the Mayon volcano only a week earlier than it exploded. To give at-risk communities extra warning, researchers are growing new strategies of predicting when volcanoes would possibly erupt. One group thinks the reply is within the miniscule crystals of volcanic rocks.

The hard-to-miss crystals include a historic document of the goings-on inside volcanoes proper earlier than eruption — just like how tree rings can inform scientists about previous local weather occasions.

When researchers examined the crystal layers from Mount Etna in Italy, they discovered magma a bit of greater than 6 miles under the floor was typically sufficient to set off an eruption. The similar method may also be utilized to crystals from different websites to find out when eruptions would possibly happen. 

The workforce stated they hope their method would possibly assist volcanologists understand how deep to search for warning indicators of a attainable eruption. The method may also be helpful for finding out traditionally dormant volcanoes that do not have any current knowledge for scientists to measure.

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