The Ultimate Jell-O Shooter Shooter

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You must know to at all times work with warmth in your aspect so you will not set uneven. If Jell-O units uneven then you may nonetheless eat it in a bowl. But, do not anticipate to get it out of a syringe simply.

A be aware on flavors. It’s a lot private choice in fact, however some flavors simply don’t style proper as a shooter. Never use the weight loss plan stuff because it tastes like slurping chemical compounds, sorry Jell-O. Some of the most effective flavors are raspberry, strawberry, lime, and that gentle blue berry one is at all times successful.

Stack your mixing bowl, measuring cup and spoon as proven and run sizzling water until each factor is steaming sizzling.

Meanwhile use the kettle to prepare dinner the water to a speedy boiling.

Measure and pour 1 cup of boiling water into the heated mixing bowl. By preheating the measuring cup and bowl the water stays sizzling for higher dissolving of Jell-O.

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