Stop Being Boring When People Ask "So What Do You Do?"

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“I’m in advertising and marketing.” (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Small discuss won’t ever not be awkward, as a result of to get to know somebody you must ask some fraught questions. Some questions should stay off-limits, however it’s virtually all the time truthful sport to ask “So what do you do for a dwelling?” Still, answering it may be a ache within the ass.

Maybe the very last thing you need to speak about is your shitty job. Maybe your job is difficult and you’ll’t simply clarify it. Maybe, like me, you go into remedy mode and begin unloading all of your emotional hang-ups about your profession. To keep away from these traps, attempt Fast Company’s tips on engagingly describing what you do:

  1. Find one thing relatable: Explain your job the best way the common particular person may come into contact with it. “You know the way cereal field tops have easier slots that don’t rip? My firm invented these.” “If you’re in a lethal automotive accident and it’s the automotive firm’s fault, I determine whether to issue a recall.”
  2. Skip the nitty-gritty particulars: Don’t record off your résumé or dump all of your profession worries. This is very necessary for freelancers or entrepreneurs, who may really feel required to account for all their revenue streams. The different particular person doesn’t need time sheets, they need a leaping off level for a nice dialog. Pick what you’re feeling the most effective about, whether or not or not it makes any cash, and speak about that.
  3. Show as a substitute of inform: If you possibly can carry round an instance of what you do, go for it. But until you’re at a networking occasion, don’t flip this right into a pitch.

These suggestions hit house for the Lifehacker crew. Writing careers are non-linear and contain loads of aspirations and concessions, so writers typically over-explain or self-deprecate. This might be awkward for the opposite particular person, who may really feel obligated to prop up your ego or discuss you thru a private disaster. In any line of labor, communicate confidently about what you do. No one’s out to get you with this query.

But do tailor your reply to your viewers. My Lifehacker colleagues select the title “blogger” or “journalist” relying on how a lot they’re able to get grilled concerning the lamestream media. There’s all the time a solution to play your job up or down, with out extreme bragging or self-flagellation.

My favourite reply to “What do you do?” comes from the daddy of a childhood pal: “I present services.” He would reveal nothing extra. It was much more memorable than no matter desk job the man most likely had.

How to Answer the Question “What Do You Do” Without Boring Anyone | Fast Company

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