Rope Jewelry

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light-duty cotton rope
28-gauge wire
tapestry needle
white glue
ornamental wire, beads, different gildings

1. Cut a number of 6″ items of rope.

2. Thread about 1’ of wire by the tapestry needle and double it over. Carefully run the needle longwise by the middle of one of many rope items. Be positive the needle is sharp.

three. Pull the wire by the rope, leaving about 1″ of extra on every finish. Bend the rope to create a hyperlink and twist the wire ends collectively securely. Trim any extra and tuck all wire ends again into the rope.

four. Create extra hyperlinks, connecting every to the necklace. Add hyperlinks till the necklace is massive sufficient to slide over your head.

5. To stiffen the necklace, combine white glue with slightly water to skinny it barely. Mix in a small quantity of acrylic artwork paint, if desired, so as to add colour to the piece.

6. Dip the necklace within the glue, protecting all surfaces.

7. Lay the necklace on a chunk of granite or waxed paper. Shape the necklace as desired and wipe away extra glue.

eight. Let the necklace dry utterly. When the necklace is generally dry, transfer it to a clear piece of granite or waxed paper in order that glue drips don’t follow the piece.

9. To make a knot necklace, select a cotton rope with a bigger diameter than for the rope chain necklace.

10. Tie a knot about four” from one finish, then tie one other knot each couple of inches, spacing them evenly.

11. When the necklace is on the desired size, join the ends with a sq. knot and trim the surplus. Leave it versatile or stiffen it with a glue combination as above.

12. Add ornamental wire, beads or different gadgets to those necklaces if desired. Try utilizing these methods to make enjoyable rope bracelets to match your new necklaces.

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