Pokemon Go Kyogre Raids LIVE, new Gen three counters, Groudon bins

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Pokemon Go Kyogre followers can now catch the Gen 3 beast in the game’s latest Raids.

Officially confirmed by Niantic right now, Trainers can now strive their luck at bringing down the meaty Legendary till February 14.

Something you may not know is that the Pokemon Company prefer to put up official guides on counter the power of the newest Pocket Monsters launched in-game.

For occasion, being a Water-type Pokemon, Kyogre is weak solely in opposition to Electric- and Grass-type assaults. 

“Its sole Fast Attack—Waterfall—is a Water-type assault, whereas its Charged Attack could also be an Electric-type Thunder, Ice-type Blizzard, or Water-type Hydro Pump.

“Electric-type Pokémon are dependable selections no matter Kyogre’s strikes. Their Electric-type assaults will deal supereffective harm to Kyogre, whereas none of Kyogre’s assaults are tremendous efficient in return. 

“Raikou would be the best Electric-type Pokémon by far, with Zapdos and Jolteon trailing afterward.”

It must also be famous that Grass-type Pokémon resist Water-type assaults, in order that they may be your high performers in opposition to a Kyogre that is aware of Hydro Pump.

And when it comes countering Kyogre, the Pokemon Company suggests bringing in a Ho-Oh for good measure.

“Since Kyogre solely has two weaknesses, chances are you’ll want to search out a couple of extra Pokémon to fill out a celebration with excessive CP Pokémon. Keep Kyogre’s assaults in thoughts. A Kyogre that is aware of Thunder may have a tough time matching up in opposition to a Groudon that is aware of Solar Beam. 

“On the opposite hand, a Kyogre that is aware of Blizzard provides you a gap to counter with your personal Solar Beam wielder in Ho-Oh. 

“Dragonite could be deployed in opposition to a Kyogre that is aware of solely Water-type assaults—and do not forget about Mewtwo for fast bursts of harm, should you’re lucky sufficient to have caught one.”

Kyogre will turn out to be much more highly effective if rain is falling on the battlefield, though it must be famous that Electric-type assaults may even be amplified throughout rainfall, which may assist in technique planning.

Groudon is another Legendary that’s nonetheless in rotation, though not for for much longer.

Groudon might be leaving Gyms on January 15, giving Trainers a couple of extra days so as to add it to their collections.

Niantic have additionally launched a brand new incentive for these readying for a weekend of Legendary battles.

A brand new merchandise field could be discovered within the sport’s retailer, together with stuff that ought to assist in the times forward.

“Prepare in your upcoming Raid Battles in opposition to Kyogre, Groudon, and different highly effective Pokémon by buying particular bins containing Premium Raid Passes,” a message from Niantic reads.

“Get them when you can within the in-game store, as these bins will solely be out there till January 22.”

Niantic are additionally including one other new incentive in January, and is one thing being deliberate for each month in 2018.

Once a month, Niantic host a Pokemon Go Community Day occasion starring a particular Pokémon, which can seem incessantly around the globe for only a few hours. 

When caught through the occasion, this particular Pokémon will know an unique transfer, with different bonuses additionally in impact through the occasion.

This will embrace issues like elevated XP or Stardust, whereas Lure Modules activated through the occasion will final for 3 hours.

The first Community Day is being deliberate for Saturday, January 20.

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