Patton Oswalt's Joker Theory Will Change How You Watch 'The Dark Knight'

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Patton Oswalt isn’t just a faithful nerd, he’s an extremely clever and considerate nerd. In 2012, he appeared on “Parks and Recreation” and ranted for eight minutes straight, outlining his brilliantly detailed plot for a Star Wars-Marvel crossover movie. 

On Saturday, Oswalt knocked round a idea about “The Dark Knight” ― particularly in regards to the origin of Heath Ledger’s Joker. The 2008 movie explains nearly nothing about the place the character got here from, however some fans have theorized that due to his preventing type and familiarity with weapons, the Joker is a battle veteran affected by post-traumatic stress dysfunction.

Oswalt takes that concept additional and asks, “What if he’s not solely ex-military, however ex-military intelligence?” 

This idea makes plenty of sense and provides readability to a number of the Joker’s traces all through the movie. For instance, he says of 1 character, “I do know the squealers once I see them.” Or the scene within the police interrogation room the place Batman slams the Joker’s head on the desk, and the villain says, “Never begin with the pinnacle. The sufferer will get all fuzzy.”

“The Dark Knight,” for which Ledger posthumously received an Oscar, celebrates its 10th anniversary this yr. Cleary, the award was well-deserved on condition that persons are nonetheless discovering new methods to have a look at the efficiency a decade later.

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