Old Fashioned View Camera

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listed here are some photos of the bottom of the digicam . extra particulars are pasted on every image

the primary image right here is the entrance of the chassis displaying the thrust bearing for the focusing gear, the toes and certainly one of my jenga field joints lol.

the second reveals one other view of the identical half however you’ll be able to see the bolt that drives the entrance customary ahead and again.

the third fourth and fifth all present the focusing knob on the again it stared as a big bakelite knob that got here from the junk bin however the first time it was turned it cracked so i took a plaster forged of it and casted it out of zinc on the tip of the threaded rod i needed to drive the main focus.
i acquired the zinc whereas taking a stroll via a former scrapyard and choosing up little chunks of damaged doorhandles and mirrors from 50s and 60s vehicles.

the sixth and seventh pics present the threaded rod passing via the shuttle block that the entrance customary mounts on.

the eighth pic reveals the aspect of the shuttle block and the rails .

the ninth reveals the highest of the shuttle block and the underside of the entrance customary

whereas the tenth reveals the screw on toes that got here from my first cd participant

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