Network Television Stations Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in More Ads

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If it looks like there are much more commercials on community TV as of late, it’s not simply since you’ve develop into accustomed to ad-free Netflix. A thread on AVS Forum from 2013 discovered that TBS sped up episodes of Seinfeld by 7.5 % to air extra adverts. The clip that exhibits a side-by-side comparability of the TBS episode and the unique episode has been eliminated due to a copyright infringement, however there’s an up to date YouTube video from 2015 that exhibits a Seinfeld episode being sped up by 9 %:

This isn’t solely occurring on TBS, although. The Los Angeles Times reported that different cable networks, like TV Land, have performed this too, particularly with older exhibits like I Love Lucy and Friends. Because of this, extra TV time has been taken up by commercials: Nielsen, a tv rankings firm, found that broadcast networks aired 15.8 minutes of commercials per hour in 2014, in comparison with 14.5 minutes in 2009.

One drive behind that is falling tv rankings, which lowers the price of particular person business slots. To compensate for misplaced income, TV firms are airing extra adverts. In response to the rising variety of commercials, tv exhibits have gotten shorter—The Big Bang Theory episodes have an average runtime of 22 minutes, in comparison with I Love Lucy episodes, which average 30 minutes. Older exhibits on tv are sometimes edited or barely sped as much as make extra room for business breaks. Cable networks have additionally shortened opening credit for TV exhibits to extend advert time.

However, this method could also be altering as tv rankings fall even farther as rivals like Netflix and Hulu take over the TV market. According to an article in The New York Times from 2016, massive broadcasting firms like Turner and Viacom (which owns MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon) have begun to chop again on commercials and shift their focus to programming sponsored by manufacturers, like when NBC teamed up with American Express on Leap Day to create extended segments of popular NBC shows.

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