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WARNING!: Don’t be dumb when taking part in with fireplace. Always preserve an in depth watch on the fireplace and do that outdoors. Make positive you’ve gotten a considerable amount of water or a hearth extinguisher helpful in case the fireplace spreads. You have been warned. Don’t come whining to me when you burn one thing down or harm your self.

OK, now that we’ve got settled that, on to the fireplace constructing. I solely used a small group of low-cost toothpicks (about 20). I broke them in half so they’d relaxation within the backside of the cup. You don’t want the flame too excessive!

Get your marshmallow ready by inserting it on the top of a bamboo skewer. Place a bit of cholocate on high of a graham cracker. Have the opposite graham cracker piece able to be positioned on high.

Light the toothpicks with a match. I discovered that about 20 toothpicks within the cup can toast 2 marshmallows… possibly three, however I like mine good and toasty (burned).

NOTE: Don’t blow in your marshmallow when it is by the mini grill. My son did and it blew the lit toothpicks out of the cup! YIKES!

Once the marshmallow is toasted, place it on high of the chocolate after which put the opposite half of the graham cracker on high of that. Wait for the chocolate to get good and melty after which take pleasure in your S’mores!

When you might be carried out with the mini grill, choose it up by the sting of the cedar and run water into the cup to place out the fireplace. I additionally discovered that there’s a nice cedar scent given off after utilizing the grill.


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