Mars on Earth: Simulation assessments in distant desert of Oman

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DHOFAR DESERT, Oman — The desolate desert in southern Oman, close to the borders of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, resembles Mars a lot that greater than 200 scientists from 25 nations have chosen it as their location for the following 4 weeks, to field-test know-how for a manned mission to Mars.

Analog astronaut Kartik Kumar says the profitable launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket this week “places us in a totally completely different realm of what we are able to put into deep house, what we are able to ship to Mars.”

Seen from house, the Dhofar Desert is a flat, brown expanse. Few animals or vegetation survive its temperatures that may prime 125 levels Fahrenheit, or 51 levels Celsius.

The Oman Mars Base is a big 2.Four-ton inflated habitat surrounded by delivery containers changed into labs and crew quarters.


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