Listen More Than You Speak

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Welcome again to Mid-Week Meditations, Lifehacker’s weekly dip into the pool of stoic knowledge, and the way you need to use its waters to mirror on and enhance your life.

This week’s choice comes from Zeno of Citium, a Greek thinker who was the founding father of the Stoic faculty of philosophy. He taught in Athens from 300 BC till his loss of life in 262 BC.

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we must always hear greater than we are saying.”

Zeno of citium

Unfortunately, it’s exhausting to say the place this quote of his comes from. None of his bodily writings have survived, and quotes like this solely exist as a result of they had been preserved by different philosophers afterward.

What It Means

Much of stoicism relies across the concept of residing a lifetime of advantage in accordance with nature, or the universe. Zeno, seeing that us people have two ears and just one mouth, suggests there’s a pure purpose for that. He believes we must always all the time be listening twice as a lot as we’re speaking.

What to Take From It

Active listening—as in targeted listening and never simply listening to—will all the time profit you. Whether you’re hoping to persuade someone, be more likable, or win an argument, listening is the important thing. It gives you very important data, it makes you appear reliable and respectful, and it may well preserve you out of bother.

When you do communicate, only say things you know are worth saying. After all, Zeno additionally stated:

“Better to journey with the ft than with the tongue.”

zeno of citium

Life is full of questions, however for those who be taught to hear properly, you possibly can nearly all the time hear the solutions.

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