LED Matrix With Arduino

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The unique LedControl library can deal with each 7-segments LED shows in addition to LED matrixes. This instructable solely makes use of the LED matrix strategies.

The up to date library created for the Makespace Madrid workshop defines an alphabet/font of characters that may be displayed within the LED matrixes. It additionally consists of two new strategies, writeString and displayChar. You can see sensible examples of how the totally different strategies work within the MakeSpace_LEDMatrix instance sketch distributed with the library.
To open this sketch, within the Arduino IDE menu go to File-> Examples->LedControlMS->MakeSpace_ LEDMatrix

You can now add the sketch to your arduino and see what the instance does.

Note1: if the model of your Arduino IDE is “fairly” outdated (zero.x) you will have to vary the extension of the arduino sketches distributed with the library. Change the extension of the information from .ino to .pde (MakeSpace_ LEDMatrix.ino -> MakeSpace_ LEDMatrix.pde). Your IDE ought to be capable to learn and open this file (in all probability you should shut all of the Arduino IDE home windows, change the file extensions after which restart the IDE once more).

Note2: Before importing the sketch, just remember to have chosen the appropriate card and serial port to your arduino

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