Learn to Draw a Cartoon Character

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It is useful to consider a cartoon head as consisting of two fundamental shapes:

1. Draw a sphere on prime of the beforehand drawn neck.

2. Add a second sphere to the underside a part of the primary sphere. This sphere needs to be flattened to virtually half the peak of the primary sphere.

– It needs to be famous that in profile, the neck connects to the pinnacle BETWEEN the 2 spheres, to not the underside of the jaw. This is proven within the first picture.

Now that you understand how to make the fundamental form of the pinnacle, you may add particulars resembling eyes, a mouth, a nostril, and ears. Let’s begin with the eyes.

three. Choose which method the character goes to be wanting and frivolously pencil in an oval over the sphere dealing with that route (check with the second picture).

four. Draw two ovals for eyes, staggering the sunshine line you simply made and add two black dots for pupils.

– When drawing eyes, be sure that to curve them alongside the sunshine pencil line. This will be sure that your character seems like he is wanting within the meant route.

5. Draw in an oval nostril and two round ears, all alongside the road between the 2 authentic spheres.

6. Draw a curved line for a mouth below the nostril.

– For a extra open mouth, you may select so as to add a 3rd oval to attract the mouth on.

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