InnerSpace Review

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Available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch (model examined)

Bad information – InnerSpace isn’t an adaptation of the basic 1980s Joe Dante film, the place a microscopic Dennis Quaid is injected into hapless retailer employee, Martin Short. Instead, it’s an arty exploration sport within the model of Journey, ABZU and Oure. In truth, it’s a little bit of a combo of the latter two, mixing the mythology-meets-sci-fi imaginative and prescient of ABZU with the free-flying motion of Oure. However, InnerSpace is even weirder than each.

You play the Cartographer, a sentient flying drone within the service of a puttering AI submersible: the Archeologist. Your boss has constructed and woke up you to assist uncover the secrets and techniques of the InnerVerse, a sequence of related worlds constructed by some long-dead race of ancients.

However, the worlds of the InnerVerse aren’t like our personal. Each compact world exists within the inside of a sphere, just like the planets of Super Mario Galaxy turned inside out. Seas movement across the floor; unusual monuments stretch into the skies. Caverns and tunnels could stretch out beneath, whereas glowing towers turn into hole inside. And are you actually alone, or is there one thing slumbering someplace out of sight? To discover out, you’ll need to discover.

And so that you fly round, accumulating blobs of ‘wind’, the power that powers the expertise of the ancients, slicing by the stands that tie issues collectively and clipping big switches which may begin long-dormant mechanisms. You’ll additionally accumulate relics, giving the architect new info. They unlock new types, or airframes, so that you can inhabit, plus useful modifications to make you speedier, extra strong or extra manoeuvrable. Some even permit you to journey underwater.

Eventually you’ll open portals to discover new worlds, on a regular basis studying extra concerning the ancients, the place they went and whether or not you may comply with.

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This isn’t a sport of fast-paced motion. There’s no person to shoot and nothing to shoot at them with. And whereas there are elements that may problem your growing flight expertise, this isn’t actually a check of aerobatics and agility. Instead, InnerSpace is a slow-paced sport of discovery and thriller, figuring out the place you may go and what you are able to do as you carry useless worlds again to life.

The story it tells isn’t notably emotive, nevertheless it’s intriguing. You need to know extra about these worlds, who constructed them and what occurred. Yet InnerSpace’s best energy is similar as that of ABZU: now and again, it delivers moments of actual thriller and surprise. Something you thought was a part of the surroundings turns into one thing else fully. Ruins spring to life in an array of sunshine and color.

What’s extra, the worlds themselves are surprisingly stunning, thanks to a different spin on the favored Journey artwork model, the place element is scant however there’s a concord within the types and glowing hues. I’ve been enjoying the sport on Nintendo Switch, and each on the TV and the smaller handheld display InnerSpace appears pretty. This is regardless of the occasional drop in body charge and a barely annoying dithered sample on clear objects, presumably to maintain the body charge up.

In it’s finest sequences, the place the visuals, the gameplay and the nice and cozy, responsive rating come collectively, InnerSpace is beautiful, bizarre and otherworldly. It’s a psychedelic Roger Dean album cowl come to life.

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As with so many video games of this ilk, nevertheless, it’s held again a bit by the gameplay. Let’s not be too downbeat – there’s extra to do right here than in Oure or ABZU; and a number of it’s extra compelling. But the dealing with of your airframes doesn’t provide you with a fantastic sense of hovering or gliding, whereas there isn’t a lot you may truly do past flying into switches, strands, breakable surfaces or unusual sticky bubbles.

InnerSpace has a sequence of nice settings, however you may’t assist wishing for the texture of flying and the invention that Nintendo’s extra prosaic PilotWings video games had in spades.

What’s extra, there isn’t at all times an apparent logic to what it’s a must to do in every of the sport’s worlds. Up to some extent, it’s all about remark, gliding round, searching for trails of wind, audio cues and hints of motion, utilizing the ‘perches’ that you could quickly dock in to take a seat and watch earlier than launching off once more.

However, you may generally spend ages drifting, looking for a approach right into a construction or some space of the world that you simply haven’t glimpsed. I delight myself on determining such video games for myself, however at a number of levels whereas enjoying InnerSpace I needed to seek the advice of a walkthrough provided by the builders.

To be honest, there’s at all times some signposting while you activate one thing to push you in direction of the following step; however in case you battle in any respect to orient your self – and this can be a intentionally disorienting sport – you would have a good bit of looking round to do.

In the top, that’s to be anticipated in an exploration sport, and it doesn’t actually hassle me that a lot. Maybe it is because InnerSpace is an oddly stress-free sport, the place you don’t really feel the necessity to rush round and remedy all the things instantly. There’s at all times one thing else you could find in case you’re keen to pause, look rigorously and luxuriate in what these alien landscapes have to supply. Without this and the non-compulsory collectibles, you would in all probability clear it in a few hours – however why spoil it? Take your time. Chill out. Unwind.


InnerSpace can’t fairly attain the heights of a RiME or Journey, nevertheless it’s a meatier and extra compelling sport than ABZU or Oure. There’s one thing genuinely chilled-out about its alien vistas and lazy exploration. It’s no thrill experience, however a considerate, mysterious journey with moments of actual surprise. If you’re within the temper for one thing completely different, give it a go.

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