I Have a Whammy Diddle in My Pocket – How to Make a Gee-haw Stick Toy

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A bit of background

A “Whoopie Stick” has many names: Gee-Haw Stick, Whammy Diddle, Whimmy Diddle, Whirli-gig, VooDoo Stick, and doubtless many others. Gee-Haw could be the very best identify as a result of it is descriptive. In the outdated days, when driving mules, the teamster may holler “Gee!” to inform the mules to show proper, or “Haw!” which means flip left. (Mules, in fact, do not perceive “proper” or “left”, however they apparently do perceive “Gee” and “Haw.”) So, calling the toy a “Gee-Haw stick” implies turning proper and left, which is what it does.


  1. Two sticks
  2. Propeller
  3. One small nail


  1. Knife to carve notches
  2. Drill and bit (you possibly can seemingly make do with no drill, nevertheless it positive helps)
  3. Hammer

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