How to deal with your robotic vacuum

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Though your robot vacuum will not be as subtle because the droids in sci-fi movies, they nonetheless want common upkeep. Without it, your vacuum may find yourself simply pushing filth round, as an alternative of selecting it up.

Your important focus when caring for your Roomba, Shark, Botvac or different automated vacuum is the maintenance of the wheels, important brush and facet brushes. Here’s the right way to get began.


When wheels get dirty, they will not flip as nicely. To maintain them spinning, no less than as soon as per week make sure that there are not any threads or hairs wrapped across the axles. If there are, use a utility knife to chop the particles free.  

Next, verify to see if there may be something caught to the wheels themselves. If so, wipe them down with a moist material. Clean wheels get higher traction and stop additional pressure on the motor.

Use a utility knife to free hair and strings from brushes and wheels.

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Main brush

All robotic vacuums have no less than one important brush that pulls filth, lint and hair into the mud cup. Like the wheels, the primary brush can get entangled with hair and strings. After each use, verify the primary brush and reduce away something wrapped round it. Be positive to not reduce the bristles as you’re employed.

Once a month, take away the primary brush – if the handbook says you’ll be able to – and hand wash it in heat water and delicate dish cleaning soap. Give it rinse, then let it air dry totally earlier than placing it again into the vacuum.

Side brushes

The facet brushes on a robotic vacuum are smaller and are used to tug particles into the primary brush’s attain. They want some additional care to maintain working nicely.

After a whilst you might discover that these brushes turn out to be warped and even tangled. Luckily you’ll be able to straighten them again out, no downside. Heat the plastic bristles for just a few seconds with a blow dryer set on excessive. When they’re heat, coax the bristles again into place together with your fingers. Hold them in place for just a few seconds till they cool, which can set them in place.

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A couple of minutes of maintence each week and month will maintain your robotic vacuum buzzing alongside for years to return.

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