How to Take Apart TV

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Now, that is the harmful half, discharging the CRT…
Why do you have to do that? Because the CRT acts like a excessive voltage capacitor and it may possibly maintain a deadly cost. The cost saved within the CRT can final a really very long time, normally just a few months, generally for just a few years…

So you will need to safely discharge the CRT earlier than you do the rest – in any other case you would possibly find yourself within the grave…

To discharge the CRT:
Connect one alligator connector clip to a flat-head screwdriver, and the opposite clip to a different any screwdriver.
Push one screwdriver into the earth floor and take the opposite flat-head screwdriver and gently put the top beneath the suction-like cap. Keep pushing it in till you right here a loud (or faint) “SNAP”, the CRT is discharged, however push within the screw driver till you’re feeling a bit bump, the screwdriver had touched the metallic clips Now the CRT is totally discharged.

Now, merely lower the HV wire off close to the suction-like cap.
I took the suction-like cap off utterly as a result of I understand how to do it. Taking the suction-like cap off the CRT may be tough and harmful.

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