How to Stream Video to Your Wii

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A Wii, related to a house community.
The Homebrew Channel.
MPlayerWii, loaded correctly onto your SD card.

On your laptop, you will want to put in VLC, a small however full-featured media participant.

You’ll additionally want to seek out the native IP tackle of the pc(s) you need to stream from.

To do that, open a command immediate and kind “ipconfig.” This offers you your IP tackle. Write it down!

Now, open the “mplayerwii.conf” file on the SD drive, and add a line that appears like this:

“stream = http://[your ip address]:8080/”

So, my line would appear to be this:

“stream =”

Save that file, put the SD card into your Wii, and cargo MPlayer from the Homebrew Channel.

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