How to SAFELY View the Sun to See a Solar Eclipse and Search for Sunspots.

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I’m going to point out you view the solar utilizing a number of oblique viewing strategies, starting from shadows on the bottom, to projecting by a telescope. I’ve recorded a video that explains how photo voltaic projection works, and supplies a number of totally different examples of challenge the solar.

It is straightforward to suppose one of the simplest ways to have a look at the solar is thru glasses with particular lenses, nevertheless it is not, for a number of necessary causes.

  1. Some “eclipse glasses” are usually not really secure for photo voltaic viewing – a number of the ones I bought on-line have been simply recalled by Amazon.
  2. The filter discolors the solar, giving it an orange coloration – it really seems white.
  3. I feel we assume the picture is healthier as a result of we’re trying straight on the solar, however the picture is actually small. You can obtain larger and clearer photos by oblique viewing strategies.

The supplies you will want for this technique are as follows:

  • A thumbtack
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • A tree
  • An inexpensive refractor telescope. Here are just a few that work:

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