How to Modify a Die-Cast Car

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Here is a fundamental checklist of supplies:

1) Die-cast Car
– Try to get a easy, stock-looking one with easy surfaces and a low journey peak.
– Good manufacturers embody Tomy Takara and Matchbox.

2) Rotary Tool
– You will want a drill and noticed attachment.
– You can use the sanding attachment as properly.

three) Spray Paint

four) Clear Tape

5) Hobby/Utility Knife
– Box cutters, X-Acto knives, and pocket knives will all work.
– It is a good suggestion to sharpen them beforehand.

6) Superglue

7) Staples

eight) Black Permanent Marker
– Sharpies work one of the best.

9) Clear, Hard Packaging Plastic
– Easily obtained.
– If not out there, cowl card inventory with clear tape.

10) Sandpaper
– Be smart in regards to the grit

11) Scissors

12) Ruler

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