How to Make Zombie Makeup

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Hey everybody,

If you’ve got made indie movies, you’ve got most likely although about making (or made) a zombie film. I do not know why, however zombies are an irresistible gem within the lexicon of potential film topics (to not point out Halloween costumes).

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Well first issues first. Here’s the purchasing listing:

1. Liquid Latex (flesh tone).
(You ought to be capable to purchase this at any respectable costume store, or you will get it on-line at locations like )

2. Toilet Paper.
(Or “Bathroom Tissue” for all you people who find themselves afraid to say “rest room”.)

three. A Basic, multi-color make-up package.
(I used a 5 colour “getting old package” that I purchased at a fancy dress store, however you would use any make-up so long as it has some flesh tones, reds, and possibly some greens. It all is determined by how “useless” you need your zombie to look.)

four. White face cream.
(This goes to be the bottom of just about any film make-up you may do. It’s like primer on your impact. You can get this at ANY costume store.)

A couple of warnings…

First issues first, when working with liquid latex it’s worthwhile to be certain that your actor/actress just isn’t allergic. Apply a small patch to the below facet of their forearm and wait at the very least 15 minutes to see if it will get crimson and swollen. Most persons are not allergic, however you do not need a pissed off actor with a crimson and puffy face in your life…consider me! Now that you understand your topic is allergy free, have them wash there face, then put their hair again with one thing. Also males (or ladies I suppose) ought to shave all extra hair off their face. Eyebrows are OK, however a beard or some stubble is basically going to be painful whenever you attempt to take away the latex. Latex in your hair is a really unhealthy factor. Heed these few warnings and your zombie make-up will go a lot smoother.

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