How to Make an Outdoor Garden Labyrinth

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With the pavers compacted, the subsequent step is to unfold polymeric sand into the labyrinth’s joints (Image 1). When activated with water, the sand turns right into a concrete-like substance that stops weeds and discourages ants, however nonetheless stays semi-permeable to water. Be certain to put on a face masks and eye safety whereas dealing with the polymeric sand. Spread the sand round till the joints are fully stuffed in.

Then come again in with the compactor. Again, begin from the surface and work in direction of the middle. This will assist sand settle within the joints, so in the event you discover the joints getting a little bit low, return by way of and sweep in additional sand (Image 2). Next, usher in a hose and mist the labyrinth. That will activate the polymeric sand. Go over the labyrinth two or thrice, however watch out to not over-wet it. Just mist the floor.

Wait for the polymeric sand to activate, which can take about 24 hours, after which spray the labyrinth down one last time (Image three). Finally, fill in some loam across the exterior edges of the labyrinth to cowl up the place you dug. With that, your good meditational labyrinth is full.

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