How to Make a Pair of Stilts

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Walking Tall

Stilt strolling is a enjoyable exercise for youths and adults.  It helps develop coordination, stability and is an effective core exercise. 

Tools and Materials

To make a pair of stilts, you’ll need: (1) 2×6 x eight’ board; (four) carriage bolts with washers and nuts; jigsaw or round noticed; desk noticed; miter noticed or round noticed; router; orbital sander or sandpaper; tape measure; drill with a three/eight” drill bit and a 7/eight” spade bit.

Cut Length

Cut the eight’ board down to six’. Save the surplus 2′ piece, it’ll be used to make the stilt’s footholds.

Rip in Two

Use a desk noticed or round noticed to tear the 6′ board into two 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ poles.

Cut the Foothold Pieces

Rip the two’ the rest piece into two four” broad items. Then rip these two items down so they’re 7″.

Mark Off Corner of Foothold

Measure and mark a line three” down from the highest. Then measure and mark a line 2″ from the facet. Connect these two measurements so you may have a diagonal line marking off one nook.

Cut Off the Corner

Use a jigsaw to chop off the marked nook piece.

Cut the Second Foothold

Lay the minimize foothold piece on high of the non-cut foothold piece after which mark the minimize line onto the non-cut piece. Use a jigsaw to chop the second piece. Use sandpaper or an orbital sander to clean out each foothold items.

Mark Poles For Holes

We drilled six holes on every stilt pole so the peak of our footholds may be adjusted. On each poles, measure and mark a line eight inches up from the underside. Then make extra strains each two inches. So from eight to 18 inches, you must have six marks.

Mark the Center

Mark the middle level simply above every one of many marks you simply made.

Drill Holes within the Poles

Drill a three/eight” gap on the heart level cross mark.

Sand Smooth

Sand the holes clean. (This is an effective job for the youngsters.)

Measure For Bolt Placement

On the angled facet of foothold piece, make a mark 1-1/2” up from the uncut finish. Then make one other mark 5-1/2” up from the uncut finish.

Continue Mark Down the Side

Use a tri-square to proceed the marks across the sides of the footholds.

Find the Center Point

Mark the middle level simply above every of one of many strains you simply made.

Double Check Bolt Depth

Measure on the bolt placement marks to verify the foothold is lengthy sufficient to accommodate the bolts.

Drill Recessed Holes For the Bolt Heads

Make a gap broad sufficient to accommodate the top of the bolt. We used a 7/eight” spade bit to drill a 1-7/eight” deep gap at every heart level mark. To ensure you get uniform depth on every gap, wrap tape across the drill bit 1-7/eight” up from the underside.

Drill For Bolt Length

In the middle of the bolt-head holes, use a three/eight” drill bit to drill the holes all through to the opposite facet of the foothold items.

Insert the Bolts

Slip the bolts into the holes.

Tighten the Bolts

Insert the foothold bolts into the holes on the poles at your required top. Place washers and nuts on every bolt. Use a ratchet to tighten the nuts.

Round the Corners

Use a router to chamfer the sides (take away the sharp 45-degree angle) on all 4 sides, from the adjustment holes to the highest. The rounded edges will present higher grip on the poles.

Ready to Take a Walk

Your stilts are able to go now. 

How to Use Stilts

To use the stilts, seize the entrance of the poles together with your arms bent about 45-degrees and your palms going through in towards you. Your shoulders needs to be in entrance of the poles. Pull the pole up as you step. 

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