How to Mail Beer Across the Country Like a Pro

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I actually like beer. No, I actually like beer. That means I’m always on the hunt for beers I can’t get in my present hometown of San Francisco and dealer offers with buddies to mail me items from throughout the nation in change for sending them just a few bottles of native stuff from the west coast.

Over the course of the previous decade, I’ve in all probability mailed 100 packing containers of beer to myself (typically postage is cheaper than checking a bag or discovering room in my suitcase on a visit) or to associates across the United States. Of all these shipments, I’ve solely had one mishap: a crushed can that managed to slowly explode and soak a field. Luckily for me, and the recipient of the field that occurred to be a good friend of mine, the beer-soaked field was nonetheless delivered, though just a few weeks later than deliberate (my guess being so it may dry and nonetheless, you understand, be a field). In distinction, I’ve had various packing containers despatched to me with damaged beer (the saddest factor on this planet) inside.

Through all these packages I’ve provide you with just a few ideas for fulfillment.

Line Your Box with a Garbage Bag

Accidents occur. What you don’t wish to occur is for a small accident like a crushed can or damaged bottle to soak your field, trigger it to interrupt, and end in an entire field of misplaced gadgets. For that, I like to recommend lining your field first (simply as in case you have been placing it in a rubbish can) with a plastic rubbish bag. Sure, it’s not unstoppable, nevertheless it offers you an additional line of protection in case the worst occurs. Also, a plastic bag signifies that if the field does get soaked will probably be tougher for particular person bottles to fall out.

Some beer buying and selling message boards additionally suggest utilizing a smaller field inside a field once you mail beer. I’ve by no means tried that personally (or had it achieved with beer despatched to me), however in case you occur to have two similarly-sized packing containers accessible, it wouldn’t be the worst concept.

Line the Sides of Your Box with Bubble Wrap

Since I do that lots, I’ve a TON of bubble wrap available in my home. If you don’t, then utilizing crumpled up newspaper or packing peanuts can have the identical impact. The objective is to have a line of protection across the sides and backside and high of your field. This field is completely going to get tossed round. Don’t let your beer be proper up towards the edges.

Wrap Individual Bottles with Bubble Wrap or Newspaper

Of the few dozen damaged packages I’ve gotten over time, the vast majority of them occurred as a result of somebody didn’t wrap every bottle in its personal. DO NOT simply put a 6 pack in a field and mail it to somebody. It will break. The particular person you despatched it to will hate you. The mailman will hate you. It’s a waste of excellent beer. Don’t be that man.

Sad damaged bottle that was wrapped poorly (Photo: Emily Price)

The place the place bottles are going to interrupt is on the neck. Wrap the heck out of it (and the entire bottle). The greatest manner to do that is with (a variety of) bubble wrap secured with a rubber band. If you don’t have bubble wrap, then you definitely want one thing that’s going to maintain the neck of the bottle protected. Think to your self: “If I dropped this on the ground, would it not break?” If the reply is sure or perhaps, then you have to wrap it higher. Seriously.

If I’m mailing 12ozbottles I typically pack them in freezer luggage as properly. It doubles up the water safety, and I can shove a variety of newspaper within the bag as an additional layer of safety.

There’s a lot bubble wrap you’ll be able to’t see this label (Photo: Emily Price)

If you’re actually fancy, you should purchase these sleeves made for wine that may preserve particular person bottles safe. There are additionally a lot of styrofoam setups for mailing wine. They’re a bit dear IMO for a one-time cargo, however in case you’re buying and selling frequently with the identical good friend then they may very well be a great funding and one thing you possibly can use over and over to ship backwards and forwards.

Keep It Tight

When you seal the field up, you wish to be sure that nothing is transferring inside. When stacking bottles I like to recommend going high to backside. So the highest of 1 bottle is subsequent to the underside of one other and packing them on their aspect, not up and down. Ideally, you wish to have a further layer of safety (not simply the bubble wrap surrounding the bottles) between every bottle.

The beginnings of a profitable field (Photo: Emily Price)

That busted can incident I discussed earlier? It got here from me considering “Oh, a can gained’t break” and placing it subsequent to a bottle that crushed it mid-journey. Don’t be me. Before you seal the highest, give the field somewhat shake and ensure there’s no motion. If there’s, stuff some extra bubble wrap/newspaper in there. Protect these cans similar to bottles, and take into consideration conditions the place they may get crushed.

Tape Every Part of the Box

Beer is heavy. It’s greatest to simply presume that your field isn’t going to make it and reinforce it with tape. I’m not saying cowl the field with tape, however be sure that to bolster the seals on the high and backside of the field with tape in case the glue offers out whereas it’s being tossed round.

Don’t Mail Beer within the Summer

Heat is unhealthy information for beer and the summer season is scorching. At some level of your field’s journey (or most of it), it’s going to be sitting in a scorching warehouse or on a scorching truck… or in your scorching porch. That’s going to harm your beer. Save your beer buying and selling for autumn and winter when the temperatures are cool, your beer and its recipient will recognize it.

Know the Rules

USPS doesn’t can help you mail alcohol. USPS flat charge packing containers are fairly nice, and allow you to mail something you’ll be able to slot in a field throughout the nation in two days for not a ton of money. I’ll allow you to use that info the way you’d like.

Here’s a rundown on what you have to do to mail alcohol utilizing conventional delivery companies. Inform your self earlier than you present up with a field, not after.

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