How to Lay a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor

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If you intend to cowl a big flooring space with strip flooring, the job might be a lot sooner, and simpler on the knees and palms, if you happen to use a pneumatic flooring nailer, which is obtainable for lease at most residence enchancment shops. When choosing a flooring nailer, overview the protection options.

Remove baseboard, loosening it with a pry bar earlier than pulling it from the wall. Sweep away particles. Apply self-leveling compound if required (Image 1).

Lay vapor barrier, with an overlap of 6 inches up the wall. Fold it within the corners to permit it to take a seat flush on the ground (Image 2).

Attach furring strips across the room with Four-in (100-mm) concrete screws. Fix furring strips each 16 in (400 mm) at a proper angle to the brand new boards (Image three).

If furring strips don’t lie stage, use shims or offcuts to pack out any indents and stage the furring strips (Image Four).

Start laying boards, and connect with toe nailing into the furring strips. This is completed by securing a nail at a 45-degree angle into the tongue (Image 5).

Drive the nail via the board and into the furring strip, so the top is simply beneath the board’s floor.

Continue laying boards. Once the ground is full, apply any end (e.g., wax or varnish) that could be required. Trim off the membrane overlap with a utility knife. Replace the baseboard to cowl the growth hole.

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