How to Install Baseboards

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Begin the method by figuring out your longest wall. If you have got a bit of baseboard molding that’s longer than the precise wall, you are able to do this primary wall with only one baseboard. If that is the case, measure rigorously after which reduce every finish of the baseboard at 90 levels to run immediately into all sides’s perpendicular wall.

If you want two items for the primary wall, be a part of the 2 items with a shawl joint. A shawl joint marries two 45-degree cuts on totally different boards (Image 1). If doable, reduce and situate the 2 boards in order that the headband joint will be secured to the wall at a stud location.

Start with two items of baseboard which have 90-degree cuts at reverse ends. To create the headband joint within the center, place the primary board in place and mark a 45-degree reduce at a stud location. Using the miter noticed, reduce this finish of the primary board at a 45-degree angle and sand it clean. Don’t oversand. Hammer it in place with a number of end nails, maintaining the heads uncovered. Measure the opposite board, being very cautious to attract precisely the 45-degree reduce from the board already in place. Cut the top of the second board on the proscribed 45-degree reduce and match the 2 items collectively (Image 2). If there is a slight bow, re-cut the top of the 90-degree reduce.

If the 2 baseboards match snugly collectively, run a bead of wooden glue on the angled joint and push them collectively. Clean off any extra glue. To safe the headband joint, drive one nail towards the highest of the bottom on a raised portion of the profile (Image three) — this may make it simpler to fill later. Then drive the second nail towards the underside and angle it down into the ground. Finish sinking the opposite uncovered nails with a nail set.

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