How to Install a Cobblestone Patio

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Make positive there’s some slope to your patio space to keep away from puddling rainwater. The slope will be back and forth or from one finish to the opposite, relying in your particular scenario.

First, lay panorama material throughout the house to maintain weeds at bay.

Spread crushed gravel on prime of the material throughout the whole space, about 2 inches thick.

Compact with the facility compactor. Wet with a home, compact once more.

You’ll want a minimum of 2 inches of sand after it has been compacted. Spread sand throughout the whole space and distribute it evenly (Image 1) to the highest of the varieties. Drag 2x4s throughout the sand to make sure a stage floor.

Use the facility compacter to compress the sand firmly in place. Spray sand with a wonderful mist of water and repeat course of till sand is packed tightly.

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