How to Hide One Image in Another (An Introduction to Steganography)

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This was only a demonstration good for little greater than impressing individuals. however this identical technique, carried out in a different way, can retailer any file sufficiently small to suit. This can be utilized for good or evil. If you intend on utilizing this, the easiest way to ship the knowledge is through the web within the open. that is referred to as a lifeless drop. (simply leaving the knowledge someplace for anybody, hopefully it is goal, to search out)
Be warned, most websites, like myspace and instructables, compress their photographs to save lots of area, which is able to destroy the hidden picture.

Attached are some photographs to play with. have enjoyable!

Obligatory disclaimer: This is for educational functions solely, I’m not chargeable for the actions of the reader. delicate data shouldn’t be despatched utilizing this technique as it is vitally simple to detect and decode. Don’t be silly.

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