How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms (Low Tech)

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As the mushrooms start fruiting, you will need to hold the humidity excessive (85-90% is really useful). As earlier than, permit air to flush by way of the rising space previous to spraying (oyster mushrooms require a constant supply of recent air). Temperatures can now be larger than for the preliminary pinning stage.

Pleurotus ostreatus (winter), 10°C to 20°C (~50°F to 70°F)
Pleurotus pulmonarius (summer time), 16°C to 28°C (~60°F to 80°F)

Remember to consistently monitor for pests, reminiscent of flies and mice, as they’ll rapidly smash a crop. You ought to count on three or extra crops, every taking round per week or so to mature. You might harvest the mushrooms at any measurement, nevertheless, as soon as a mushroom has reached its full measurement, you’ll discover it’s going to start to dry, turning a yellowish color (they style nice, even dry). When harvesting, take away the mushroom fully, by twisting firmly at its base. After harvesting a number of crops, we discovered it useful to stack the mounds of straw, which appeared to assist enhance the yield. If you discover your mushrooms with lengthy stalks and small caps, they might not be getting sufficient mild, additionally excessive CO2 ranges also can result in small deformities (permit for extra recent air). After the straw ceases to provide mushrooms, it may be fed to livestock or composted.

Now, lastly take your harvested mushrooms and create a scrumptious mushroom meal. Enjoy.

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