How to Get Your Two Year Old to Spell Her Name Before She Turns Three

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First — this can be a borrowed thought from a crazy-cool educator of younger tots in Los Angeles. A instructor who, towards what widespread knowledge and analysis has informed us, believes all children can be taught to spell and acknowledge their very own title earlier than the age of three.

And if meshed into your every day routine for about 1-2 weeks, it truly works. Most of the tots within the 2-Three year-old Parent-n-Me class that my daughter and I attend not solely know find out how to orally spell their name–but also can acknowledge it. Wicked.

In took about two weeks for my head-strong 2 half of 12 months outdated daughter to catch on. I discovered that to ensure that this undertaking to be a hit (and never grow to be overly irritating for both of you) you could hold a few issues in thoughts:

1. First and foremost, persuade your strong-willed tot that the entire undertaking was her thought. Master this, and you have got the parenting factor within the bag, do not you?

2. This must be as routine as brushing enamel. It takes a little bit of self-discipline. We would spell and hop my daughter’s title (extra on that later) when she’d rise within the morning, at bedtime and some other time she confirmed an inclination.

Three. NEVER push your youngster to do that undertaking. At first she’ll be confused, however after watching daddy do it a number of occasions, she’ll need to get in on the motion, too. Remember, this undertaking is a sport and ought to be offered like one to the unsuspecting tot. We don’t desire them to hate letters earlier than they’ll even learn!

four. Have enjoyable with this–if you are rocking the title sport then so will your youngster!

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