How to Get That Rancid Taste Out of Your Mouth And/or Sinuses After Vomiting Violently :D

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You ought to in all probability *drink one thing like cranberry juice, ginger ale, or gatorade.
-Cranberry juice may help overpower different tastes in a single’s mouth
-Ginger ale supposedly helps nauseated stomachs
-Gatorade typically clears sinuses for some folks.

*Note: If the best way you threw up was painful or extraordinarily violent, i.e. you threw up for greater than ten minutes, then DO NOT drink OR eat ANYTHING. You could be very sick and even consuming water may make you vomit once more. And should you noticed darkish crimson blood (or blood in any respect really) in your vomit, go see a doctor as quickly as attainable. Like inside the subsequent couple of hours.

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