How to Get FREE HDTV (and All Your DTV Questions Answered)

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How you will get free HDTV with larger high quality than out there in your cable or satellite tv for pc supplier.
(Free after preliminary start-up prices, should you wouldn’t have an antenna already – usually, a whole setup pays for itself in the price of 2 months of cable or satellite tv for pc)

First, I’ll dispell just a few myths about digital TV, after which I gives you the fundamentals on how you can get issues operating.

First: I hear you want a complete new antenna set as much as view digital television.

Digital television runs alongside analogue television in the very same spectrum. It makes use of the identical channel frequencies, and the identical antennas. (any antenna known as HD antenna is advertising BS)
The solely distinction in broadcasting is the content material of the sign and the decoding course of.

Second: I would like a complete new TV to view digital (and HD) television.
Partially true, however not for each circumstance. You can use your identical TV to view digital TV, however whether it is an older TV is won’t be able to displaying the true high quality of an HD sign, and it’ll require a converter field (roughly $50). This could be like a digital cable field, or a vcr that does the present analogue decoding for you.
If you personal a brand new LCD/plasma TV, likelihood is it features a digital tuner already (ATSC/DVB-t, relying in your location).
Check its specs earlier than you go on the lookout for a converter field.
(Note that some converter bins are SD solely, search for a converter field that outputs in HD in case you have an HD prepared television)

Third: All DTV is HDTV.
These phrases are generally blended up.
Digital TV is identical because the atypical analogue broadcast tv immediately, simply in a special sign/processing format. (480i). Because of the superior nature of digital TV, you’re going to get an ideal image each time. (Or beneath a sure sign stage, no image in any respect. Much across the distance that analogue television will get too fuzzy to look at)
HDtv can be purely digital (good image each time), nonetheless it will probably go as much as a lot larger resolutions, comparable to 1280×720 progressive (720p) or 1920×1080 interleaved (1080i).
1080i has roughly double the pixels of 720p, however half the framerate.
Also, simply because a channel is broadcasting at an HD decision, doesn’t imply the image is HD. For instance, a present from the 90’s can’t be broadcast in HD with out remastering it, so it’s most likely commonplace definition (SD) stretched to suit the HD decision. (“upconverted”)

Fourth: Antenna TV? are you kidding me? Cable/satellite tv for pc is much better! I have never used an antenna for 20 years!
Cable and satellite tv for pc was once higher than antenna just because analogue broadcasts degraded rapidly as distance elevated from transmitters, and cable/sat corporations might get optimum reception and ship it to everybody.
With new digital broadcasting, you get good image with as little as 20% sign (with a brand new tuner) – roughly about the identical level when analogue broadcasts have been too fuzzy to look at.
Cable and sat could have it beat when it comes to providing amount, however antenna television now has them beat in high quality. Generally the cable/sat corporations will take the very same broadcast stream and compress it to ship over their community to you. The end result? Decreased high quality. With an antenna, you get the pure broadcast, precisely because it was meant to be seen.

Fifth: My nation is switching to dtv! Now I’ve to enroll in cable or satellite tv for pc!

NO! This is precisely what the sable or satellite tv for pc suppliers WANT you to assume. You can proceed to make use of your antenna (sure, even “rabbit ears”) so long as you’ve got the right conversion field.

That’s it for rumours/myths for now, on with how one can get your FREE television (after preliminary set-up).

(If you’ve got any extra questions, ask them and I am going to add to this.)

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