How to Get Free GPS on Your Phone

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A map ought to seem in your cellphone.  Press the button in your cellphone underneath MENU.  Select get instructions.  Type in your beginning location and your ending location then press GET DIRECTIONS.
And there you could have it,  FREE NAVIGATION!!!!!!!              Also, you may change the kind of map, save favorites, and even see site visitors!  Also, you probably have a cellphone pictured on the Google maps for cellular web page,  begin up google maps in your cellphone and within the menu tab , click on HELP.  Scroll all the way down to my location(Beta) and choose it.  Google maps will find your Position with a blue dot.  With this, you do not have to discover a road signal and kind it in.  I hope you discovered this web page helpful and thanks for checking this out.  made four/13/2010     Google

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