How to encrypt your e-mail

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by Jason Thomas

Most e-mail messages you ship journey huge distances over many networks, safe and insecure, monitored and unmonitored, passing via and making copies of themselves on servers everywhere in the Internet. In quick, just about anybody with entry to any of these servers – or sniffing packets wherever alongside the way in which – can learn your e-mail messages despatched in plain textual content.

Now greater than ever, you may wish to encrypt your e-mail to guard it from prying eyes. Not solely do we now have authorities snoops mining huge quantities of knowledge on the web and an ever-increasing variety of companies monitoring their employees’ email, however phishing and different e-mail scams enhance by the day.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software program will not shield you in opposition to the centered consideration of a significant authorities, however it is going to cease efforts to reap bank card numbers and data that can be utilized to commit id theft. Email encryption is straightforward, free and affords sturdy safety in opposition to prying eyes.

How PGP e-mail encryption works

Consider this situation.

Sam needs to ship Jane a secret e-mail love letter that he would not need Joe, Jane’s jealous downstairs neighbor who piggybacks her wifi, to see. Jane makes use of PGP, which implies she has a PUBLIC key (which is mainly a bunch of letters and numbers) which she’s revealed on her website for anybody who needs to ship her encrypted e-mail messages to make use of. Jane’s additionally obtained a PRIVATE key which nobody else – together with Joe the Jealous Wifi Piggybacker – has.

So Sam seems up Jane’s public key. He composes his ardent occupation of affection, encrypts it with that public key, and sends Jane his message. In sending, copies of that message are made on Sam’s e-mail server and Jane’s e-mail server – however that message seems like a bunch of garbled nonsense. Joe the Jealous Wifi Piggybacker shakes his fist in frustration when he sniffs Jane’s e-mail for any trace of an opportunity between them. He cannot learn Sam’s missive.

However, when Jane receives the message in Thunderbird, her personal key decrypts it. When it does, she will be able to learn all about Sam’s true emotions in (fairly good) privateness.

You can also get PGP arrange in just a few easy steps.

Configure PGP in Thunderbird

The best device to make use of is Mozilla’s e-mail program, Thunderbird with the Enigmail extension. (Be certain to click on “Save Link As…” and obtain the extension to your laptop; in any other case Firefox will attempt to set up it.) You’ll additionally have to obtain a the free GNUPGP software program for Windows.

Here’s how to put all of it collectively.

  1. Run the GPGP installer. It ought to put GNUPGP beneath your Program Files listing.
  2. Once you have downloaded Enigmail, in Thunderbird open Tools -> Options -> Extensions -> Install New Extension, after which select the Enigmail extension file.
  3. When you have restarted Thunderbird with Enigmail put in, you will note an OpenPGP menu merchandise. Open it and go to Preferences. There you may discover a dialog to level to your GnuPGP binary. Click Browse. On my machine, GPG was put in beneath Program FilesGNUGnuPGgpg.exe.
  4. Now you may have to generate your public/personal key pair. From the OpenPGP menu merchandise, select Key Management. From the Generate menu, select New Key Pair. Choose the e-mail handle you wish to create a key for, and set a passphrase. Hit the “Generate Key” button, and chill out – it may take a couple of minutes.

    When it is executed, you’ve the possibility to generate a “revocation certificates.” This certificates can invalidate your public key simply in case your personal secret is ever compromised. Go forward and get your revocation certificates and reserve it.

Once that is executed, you are all set to ship encrypted mail. To discover somebody’s PGP key, from the OpenPGP menu, select Key Management. From the Keyserver menu, select Search. Search for one more PGP consumer by identify or e-mail handle and add his or her key to your key supervisor. Once it is in there it is possible for you to to encrypt mail to that particular person.

Then, compose your message as normal. Encrypt it by clicking the little key down on the decrease proper of your compose window. You also can cryptographically signal your message to show it is you; that is the little pencil. Both of those buttons will flip inexperienced to point out that they are lively.

Easy as pie!

To anybody who makes use of your laptop and would not authenticate in Thunderbird with the passphrase – or anybody wanting via your e-mail recordsdata in your ISP’s server, the message will look one thing like this. (Click to enlarge.)

Only your personal key can decrypt the message and show its contents.

Now, no one will be capable to have a look at your messages and the federal government must drag you away at 4 within the morning if they need your chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Of course, in the true world, that is in all probability not true. The authorities spy organizations have miles upon miles of supercomputer farms dedicated to cracking cryptography and budgets within the billions. If you are pondering of doing one thing you actually don’t need the federal government to find out about, and also you assume it is one thing they may inconvenience themselves to search out out, you’d actually be significantly better off reconsidering.

They have methods of creating you speak.

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Jason Thomas is a author and laptop skilled residing within the Twin Cities.

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