How to Do Engraving Easy and Make It Look Decent

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Very rigorously hint the strains in your picture with the engraver. I prefer to attempt to hold the tip as perpendicular as attainable, longer straight strains might be helped with a straight edge in case you felt the necessity. You have to be sure to press exhausting sufficient to chop by way of the paper, you possibly can hear and really feel the distinction I discover. Take your time as a result of that is the ultimate product and I did not see any engraving erasers beside the engravers. (though a grinder would work) Another tip is to attempt to keep on the identical journey pace for the tip, in case you dwell too lengthy on a degree, you’ll discover it on the ultimate product.

For the middle punch I made in commerce faculty, I filed a flat spot into the knurling to provide myself a pleasant spot to engrave.

I as soon as did a very nice one for a birthday current for a buddy. I’ve no image however I engraved my associates identify in a extremely funky font onto a mountaineering carabiner. (disclaimer- engraving onto a structural half could weaken the carabiner) I engraved the locking barrel which bears no weight. You would hate to provide somebody a birthday current that kills them, irrespective of how cool it seems.

Experiment, get pleasure from, and hold on to your instruments!

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