How to Colour Steel With HEAT

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You will want:

-2x containers (one in all them ideally being steel for the oil)


-unleaded petrol/Acetone/Terpentine/Rubbing alcohol or any good degreaser

-metal object/s (I used gentle metal, Please be aware this technique ought to NOT be used on tempered/hardened metal as you’ll impact the properties of the steel)

-something to carry your object with i.e. pliers, mole grips,…

-heat supply

-protective glove (optionally available)

-wet towel available for security

In Explanation:

-An outdated steel container (I do know, a plastic container is pictured however all the time use a steel one) crammed excessive sufficient with oil to fully submerge your metal object can be ultimate. You can experiment finally what oils to make use of. Try it on some unimportant items first. I discovered by my bluing journey that totally different oils do act slighty totally different however finally all the things I’ve used has achieved the job. For this Instructable I am utilizing thread chopping oil. I’ve additionally had good outcomes with 5w/30 motor oil, I’ve additionally used two-stroke oil with good outcomes. It’s value noting that there may be some components in motor oil that launch hydrocarbons when burnt which is a identified carcinogens to the physique (in different phrases: Bad Stuff!)

Your container needs to be comparatively bigger than your object.

-An outdated container crammed together with your chosen degreaser (unleaded petrol…)

-Your desired polished steel object/s (essential!: Make certain it’s constructed from Mild Steel or Titanium. You can’t do that technique with Aluminium as a result of it will not attain the temperatures required for bluing, it can simply soften. Trust me, I am talking from expertise 🙂 )

I’ve lower and polished four items of gentle metal to exhibit totally different color phases. The object on the left is a customized gentle metal potentiometer knob!

-Something to carry your piece with, make sure that it is applicable to carry it with so it would not get too scorching in your palms. It can be a good suggestion to get some gloves on.

-A warmth supply. That could be a pen torch (pictured), a blow torch, a warmth gun, a gasoline hob (which I’m going use) or something that can offer you sufficient warmth.

Please be aware: As you might be working with warmth, please be sensible, use your widespread sense, do the bluing course of in a nicely ventilated space and maintain a moist towel handy.

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