How to Build an Elevated Wooden Planter Box

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Elevated Wooden Planter Box

This basic wood planter is designed to carry upward of 400 lbs, which ought to be greater than sufficient for moist soil and crops. Tailored to create a bigger or smaller field, the actual construction of this planter is supplied by the bottom.

Tools and Materials Required

Saw (mitre, desk, jig, round or hand noticed) — chisel — drill + bits — screwdriver — staple gun — clamps — (1) 4×4 x eight’ cedar — (10) 1×6 x eight’ cedar — (four) 2×4 x eight’ cedar — 1-5/eight” deck screws (1 field) — Three” deck screws (1 field) — panorama cloth — staples.

Cut List

Exact measurements of wooden items might fluctuate based mostly on the scale of your field. For this undertaking, we used the next items of wooden:

(four) 1×6 x 6’ — (6) 1×6 x 22″ — (6) 1×6 x 73-1/2” — (2) 2×2 x 22” — (four) 2×2 x 13”  — (2) 2×2 x 14-1/2″ — (four) 4×4 x 23-Three/four — (2) 2×4 x 6’ — (four) 2×4 x 19-Three/eight”

Prep 2x2s

Cut one of many 2×4s into 2×2s. You can get two eight’ lengths plus a little bit sliver from the center. Doing this primary can prevent a little bit time later. The 2×2 might be used as construction for the field.

Create the Box Bottom

For the underside of the field, lay all of the 1x6s on the bottom. Look for splits, knots, warping, and so on. Pick out the worst 4, these are going to be the underside of the field. Cut the 4 to 6-foot lengths. While you’re at it, minimize two of the 2x4s to 6-foot lengths and set them apart. These might be used later to make the stand.

Measure the Width of the Bottom

Lay the 4 backside boards subsequent to one another and measure the width of them. Together they need to be round 22”. This measurement might be finish boards and the top brace.

Create Box Ends

Take the measurement from the earlier step (in my case 22”) and minimize that a lot from every of the remaining six boards. These would be the field ends. While you’re at it, minimize two items of the two×2 (from earlier step) on the identical size.

Start the End Panels

Make Corner Braces

Lay every of the assembled items on the flat facet alone with two extra of the top items. Measure the gap from the highest of the brace to the top of the three boards. It ought to be within the 13-1/eight neighborhood. Cut 4 items of the two×2 to this size, these would be the nook braces. Attach them alongside the perimeters of the 1x6s by pre-drilling and screwing the 1×6 to the bracing.

Finish the Ends and Join With the Bottom

Strengthen the joint between the underside brace and the nook braces by drilling up by way of the underside and driving a Three” screw into every nook. You now have the 2 field ends. Attach the 4 backside boards to the ends by pre-drilling and 1-5/eight” screws. I used clamps to carry the top panels to my bench for this half.

Create the Box Sides

Measure the skin size of the field. It ought to be round 73-1/2”. Those six remaining lengthy items of 1×6? Cut these to this size. Attach the perimeters to the nook braces. See that overhang within the image? DON’T do that. I really left sides lengthy and minimize them flush after meeting. What ended up occurring for me is I ended up with some sloppy ends.

Attach the Sides

Attach the perimeters to the underside boards utilizing 1-5/eight” deck screws. My technique: find the middle and pre-drill holes each 12” outward from heart. Pop an additional screw in every of the corners to connect the perimeters to the ends.

Attach Side Braces

Set the assembled field on its backside. On the within of the field, measure from the underside to the highest. You ought to get a measurement of round 14-1/2. Cut 2 items of two×2 to this size. Attach these vertically contained in the field within the center. Flip the field over and drive a Three” screw by way of the underside into the facet brace.

Cut Legs

Cut the four×four put up into 4 23-Three/four″ lengths. Why? So you may get 4 legs out of a single four×four.

Arrange Legs

Put the legs in a pleasant little stack like this, simulating their placement on the bottom. I prefer to rotate them in order that the very best sides are outwards. Mark a triangle on the underside to point their place within the group. Note which faces would be the exterior edges.

Make Notches

Mark the places some notches. The notches will mate up with the two×4s, so that they would be the top and depth of a 2×four.

Cut the Outside Edges

Set your noticed to the depth of a 2×four and make a sequence of cuts on the skin edges (exterior in relationship to the stack within the earlier step).

Make a Series of Cuts

Chisel Away What is Left

Use a chisel to take away what’s left. It doesn’t should be completely good, so don’t sweat a little bit grove right here or there. The level is that the burden of the field and soil will move by way of the two×4s into the leg at this level. It may also function the muse for the construction.

Stage the Braces

Take the field and flip it the other way up. Remember the 6-foot 2×4s? Place them within the backside of the field. If they’re a little bit too lengthy, trim a little bit off. If they’re a tad quick, don’t sweat it, not a biggie. What we’re doing right here is measuring the house in-between the 2x4s. It ought to be within the neighborhood of 19-1/four”. Be positive to make the this measurement on the ends of the field in addition to within the center. I discovered that my center was barely narrower than the ends. Cut 4 items to suit a little bit loosely in between the two×4s. Really the best manner to do that is to place a 2×four in place, mark it and minimize it, customized becoming every to its place.

Add Additional Supports

Add the extra helps 2’ from every finish and fasten with Three” screws.

Attach the Legs

Lay the perimeters and finish 2×four’s on out in a unfastened rectangle. Take a leg and switch it upside-down and clamp it into place in a nook of the two×four’s (the notches you chop out ought to mate properly to the two×four’s).  Check for sq.. Pre-drill and screw into place utilizing Three” screws. Do the identical on the top items (clamp, drill, screw).

Add Landscape Fabric

Place the field on prime of the stand. Drill Three/four inch drain holes 12” from every finish. Staple panorama cloth into the field and fill it with soil combine.

The Finished Product

It’s time to begin planting!

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