How to Build a Fold-Away Changing Table

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The altering desk field may have 4 sides and a plywood and metallic backside. The body dimensions will match these used for cutouts within the wall. So, if the outlet you narrow within the wall is 14″ tall, reduce the body to 14″.

Cut 1″x6″ pine to size on the chop noticed. For completed corners, reduce the ends at 45 levels. You ought to have two lengthy and two quick items.

Using a desk noticed, set the blade peak at a 1/four”. Rip a 1/four” dado 1/2″ from the underside, alongside the size of the field items. (The guard on the desk noticed have to be eliminated to make the reduce. Be certain to interchange the guard previous to utilizing the noticed once more.) This dado is for the bottom of the field to slip into.

Glue and nail three sides of the field collectively, one lengthy piece and two quick. Make certain the dado grooves line up and that the corners be a part of correctly.

Cut a bit of sheet metallic about 1/four” bigger on all sides than the within dimension of the field. Cut a bit of 1/eight” plywood to match. Glue the metallic and plywood collectively and slide the 2 into the dado with the metallic dealing with up.

Place the final aspect of the field on and nail. Lay the field flat and use a router with a 1/four” roundover bit, to router the within and outdoors edges of the field.

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