How to Build a Bed Frame

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Cut the 4×4 into 4 11-1/2″-long items. The again of the 4×4 might be notched out in order that it wraps the body nook, is flush on the backside and protrudes 1 half” above the highest of the body. Start by marking the cut-out with a 10″ line 2″ in on two adjoining sides. Set your noticed blade to a 2″ depth and make these two 10″-long cuts (cuts 1 and a couple of).

Next, make the 2 perpendicular cuts with the identical noticed depth (10″ from the top, cuts three and four). There will now solely be a small piece of wooden connecting the cut-out nook and the drop. Using a vibratory noticed or a chisel, take away the ultimate wooden and clear up the within nook. Lastly, lower the again of the 1 half” high at a 45-degree angle. Glue the inside faces of the nook and end nail to the mattress body.

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