How to Build a Bamboo Bicycle

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Now that you’ve got warmth handled the bamboo you want, lower, miter and tack the body collectively.

You might select to make use of a jig to carry all the pieces in place. I didn’t use a jig so I’m not going to enter that right here. I do not know a lot about jigs so do not even ask.

I used the total dimension drawing and constructed instantly off of that utilizing spacers and standoffs to get all the pieces in the suitable place.

Use a superb half-round wooden rasp to miter the joints.

Make certain that you just use trigonometry to determine the size of the chain stays and seat stays. What is drawn on the paper is a projected view.

Rough up the bamboo the place the epoxy will go.

Rough up the steel too and stick all of it collectively utilizing 5 minute epoxy or your favourite glue.

Once it’s all caught collectively very gently put the wheels and fork in place and test alignment. If it seems good you’re prepared to maneuver to maneuver to the subsequent step. If not

Note: The bamboo headset proven was not a good suggestion. I needed to ream it out and insert a metal head tube as a result of the headset cups didn’t seat correctly within the bamboo and gave a scary wobble when turning corners! Start with a steel head tube and save your self the effort. The image does present how tough your bamboo joint areas needs to be.

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