How to Build a Backyard Playhouse

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The Perfect Backyard Playhouse

Not solely is that this playhouse triangular as an alternative of a boring field form, however it’s obtained two tales. The epic roof hatch opens to a playhouse geared up with a chalkboard wall, storage beneath the ground, and a loft with a set ladder.



Build a Deck Frame

Hammer and nail collectively 4 2x6s to make a Four’ x 12’ deck body. Add assist joists spaced 16 inches aside. Do not fill the body with joists; go away house for a flooring storage hatch on the entrance finish of the body.

Frame Storage Hatch

On the entrance finish of the deck, reduce smaller joists to border the ground storage hatch within the house you left.

Continue Framing Storage Hatch

Position the outer joists to assist the primary decking, and the smaller inside joists to assist the trim boards across the opening, whereas leaving a lip for the storage hatch lid to take a seat on. Hammer and nail joists in place.

Set in Place

Lay the body in place and stage it utilizing patio blocks, cedar shims or some other sturdy supplies beneath.

Lay Decking Boards

Cedar is of course weather-resistant, however any decking, together with composite, will work. Attach the decking to the body with two screws into every assist joist.

Add Trim to Hatch Sides

Cut two 48″ and two 32″ lengths for an inside body across the flooring storage hatch.

Make Storage Hatch Door

Cut seven 32″ decking boards and place them the other way up within the hatch body. Screw and glue two 2x3s perpendicular to the boards. This will connect the boards to one another in addition to assist the lid for serving as a part of the flooring.

Hatch Access

Drill and sand a 2″ to three” round gap on one aspect of the hatch door to make use of because the deal with for opening the lid.

Build a Back Wall

Paint one aspect of the Four’ x Eight’ sheet of plywood with a brilliant, cheerful colour (the outside aspect) and apply chalkboard paint to the opposite aspect (inside aspect). Make a 2×4 body for the plywood. The body ought to be flush with the plywood on three sides and a pair of inches shorter than the plywood on the underside the place it is going to connect to the deck base. Screw the plywood to the 2x4s on the chalkboard-paint aspect.

Attach Back Wall

Have somebody make it easier to elevate the wall up vertically and fasten it to the deck. Use 5- or 6-inch nails or wooden screws, insert at the very least three into the highest by way of the 2×4 body, and three by way of the aspect the place the plywood overlaps the deck. Make certain it’s safe.

Make Sure the Wall is Square

Use a framing sq. to ensure the wall is at a 90-degree angle to the deck. Screw in a brief piece of scrap to carry the wall in place.

Make the Back Wall Supports

Use 10’ 2x4s to make the again wall helps. Cut a 35-degree angle on the finish that can connect to the deck flooring, and a 55-degree angle on the finish that can connect to the wall.

Attach Back Wall Supports

Attach the helps to the wall and deck flooring with a few screws on every finish. Once these angled helps are secured in place, take away the short-term scrap wooden from the underside corners.

Shiplap Siding

Line the triangular sides with shiplap siding. Use two screws on both finish and let the corners prolong previous the angled wall beam. On one aspect, go away a gap on the prime for a window.

Clean Up Shiplap Edges

Use a reciprocating noticed to chop off the overhanging edges of the shiplap alongside the angled assist beam. Sand the tough edges.

Assemble Loft Frame

Measure to suit the inside dimensions of the playhouse about 4 ft up from the deck. Remember, you need the loft to connect to the 2×4 body, not the plywood and shiplap. The best approach to construct the loft decking is to assemble the body exterior of the playhouse. Screw collectively 4 2x4s in a sq. with one inside joist within the center.

Sand the Loft Frame

Since the loft body is a part of the inside, sand the sides.

Attach Loft Frame

Set the loft body contained in the partitions 4 ft up from the ground (the place you measured). Level it after which screw the body into all 4 aspect helps.

Add Decking to the Loft

Cut eight 36″ decking boards after which connect them to the loft with two screws into every joist.

Build Ladder

The ladder will use one of many angled aspect assist beams as a aspect rail. To make the second rail, reduce a 2×4 on the similar angle because the assist. Then reduce the steps that can ascend to the loft.

Assemble the Roof Hatch Frame

The roof hatch is a Four’ x 10’ piece of white polycarbonate roofing framed with 2x4s. Unlike the deck body, the hatch wants to remain skinny, so lay the 2x4s out on their flat sides and make a notch within the two lengthy ends in order that they match across the shorter boards. Then pre-drill two holes in every joist and screw them collectively. Use a framing sq. to ensure the corners are 90 levels, then add nook and heart helps to maintain it sq..

Attaching Roofing Pieces

Attach the 10’ panel of white polycarbonate roofing to the body utilizing 1-1/2” hex-head screws with neoprene washers.

Attach Roof

Attach the highest of the roof hatch to the highest of the again wall utilizing two Four-inch gate hinges with 4 screws in every.

Cut Out Back Door and Window

Trace a rectangle on the bottom-left aspect of the plywood wall. Make certain it’s large enough for a kid to suit by way of, however shorter than the Four-foot loft. Drill a starter gap to slot in the jigsaw and reduce out the door. Repeat the method for a small window on the loft stage.

Trim Window and Door

Using scraps of the shiplap and decking materials, reduce trim for the home windows, door and again edges of the playhouse. Sand and paint (if desired) and fasten with nails.

Build Hatch Legs

Rip one Eight-foot 2×4 lengthwise to make two 2×2 hatch legs. Pre-drill a gap in every finish that’s barely bigger than the width of the bolts you’re utilizing. Attach to the underside corners of the hatch with a bolt appearing as a pivot level permitting for legs to rotate and fold in.

Add Stabilizers for Roof Legs

When the hatch is closed and the legs are folded up towards the hatch body, drill a gap by way of each the leg and the body so you possibly can to insert a stabilizing pin to maintain the legs within the closed place. Then with the hatch open and the legs supporting it, drill one other stabilizing gap into the deck body for a similar pin for use when hatch is open. Attach a bracket for the leg to relaxation towards when open and stabilized.

Build the Bench

The bench can function both extra storage or as a planter. Attach plywood sides with screws, measured to suit the deck opening, and make the lid by gluing three 2x4s collectively after which screwing trim scraps on both finish to safe them. Use contrasting colours to color the bench partitions and lid.


Add mats, pillows and a few decorations. Then invite pals over to indicate off your new yard fort.

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