How to Apply Finish Plaster on Walls

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Once the floor is roofed, return over it, smoothing the plaster to an excellent thickness. Do not attempt to obtain good smoothness but (Image 1).

Leave the plaster to dry for one more half hour, till it’s more durable, however nonetheless barely damp (Image 2).

Sweep a clear, dampened trowel blade throughout the whole floor, smoothing the plaster and redistributing any extra to fill small indents. Hold the blade at a slight angle with just one edge on the plaster to attain a easy end (Image three).

Leave the plaster to dry for at the least half an hour, till the floor is agency sufficient to the touch with out shifting the plaster, however continues to be damp. Repeat the smoothing course of, once more utilizing any extra floor plaster to fill small depressions. If essential, use a moist brush or backyard spray gun to dampen the plaster as you’re employed. Aim for a easy end at this remaining stage; it’s more practical than attempting to sand tough plaster when dry (Image four).

Use a small, damp brush to complete edges and corners neatly (Image 5).

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