Foam Walkalong Glider

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The following step includes elevon and ballast changes to get the glider flying slowly, easily and in a straight line. Initially, the ballast ought to be as ahead as doable.

Test fly the glider, launching it with a slight nostril down perspective and at roughly strolling velocity:

modify the elevons to get the glider flying straight. In the final video, the glider flies an excessive amount of to the correct, so the left elevon must be flattened:

The turning tendency has been corrected. Here is the second check flight:

In the final video, the elevons are trim too nostril up and have to each be flattened:

How does it fly now? Let’s see:

After extra elevon trimming, the glider flies like this:

For common flying data, see the directions at:
How to fly the x-surfer type walkalong glider

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