Fix Your LCD's Dead Pixels

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The eHow wiki has posted a tutorial for fixing useless pixels on an LCD monitor.

  1. Turn off your laptop.
  2. Get your self a humid fabric, in order that you do not scratch your display screen.
  3. Apply strain to the realm the place the useless pixel is. Do not put strain wherever else, as this will likely make extra useless pixels.
  4. While making use of strain, flip in your laptop and display screen.
  5. Remove strain and the useless pixel needs to be gone. This works because the liquid within the liquid crystal has not unfold into every little pixel. This liquid is used with the backlight in your monitor, permitting completely different quantities of sunshine by which give off completely different colors.

I’ve heard about fixing useless pixels by flashing high contrast images in your display screen, however I’ve by no means heard this one earlier than.

How to Fix a Dead Pixel on an LCD Monitor [wikiHow]

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